Spirit Week 2015

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5K for VK

FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education, held a walk in support of food allergy awareness on Sunday, October 25th, at the Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood. FARE’s purpose is to educate people of life-threatening allergies and how to appropriately handle them. The organization also supports research that may develop a cure or preventative  measures for such allergies in the future. FARE asked many people, including … Continue reading 5K for VK

BT Welcomes COSTCO!

Following the grand opening of Walmart in April, Costco opens its doors at the Teterboro Landing development. The warehouse giant replaces its Hackensack location, which closed on October 13th. Unconfirmed sources also suggest that Costco’s second intention is to improve the lives of BT students, who will now see more than just an airport when looking out of the glass hallway. The Teterboro Costco will … Continue reading BT Welcomes COSTCO!

The Happiness Column: Senior Special

Hello senior friends! In the last few months, how many times have you panicked? How many times have you questioned your life choices? I’m sure a few of you, like me, know exactly what you want your life to look like down to what you want to serve at your retirement party (cream puffs, anyone?). Suddenly, you’re rethinking every decision you’ve ever made. Perhaps you will … Continue reading The Happiness Column: Senior Special

A Quick Minute With: Mr. LoGiudice

Mr. LoGiudice First of all, how are you finding BT? I’m really enjoying BT so far. It’s definitely different from the other schools I’ve worked for, but I really like the students and faculty here. What’s the most interesting thing that has happened so far? I’ve gotten involved in Drama Club, which is new for me. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year … Continue reading A Quick Minute With: Mr. LoGiudice

A Quick Minute With: Doctor Ge

Doctor Ge What inspired you to be a teacher? I wanted students to understand math better, and I wished to share my knowledge with said students. What was your major when you were in college? Mechanical engineering. How long have you been teaching? For 5 years. Can you tell me about your teaching experience? I taught at Rutgers University, and now I’m teaching here. What … Continue reading A Quick Minute With: Doctor Ge

Science Behind Autumn Leaves

If you have ever driven down the Palisades Interstate Parkway, or even simply down the streets of your town, it is hard to not notice the variant colors, brown, red, purple, orange, yellow, of the autumn foliage. While we do notice these colors, most of us do not know why the colors of the leaves change. To understand this phenomena, we first have to understand … Continue reading Science Behind Autumn Leaves