5K for VK


FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education, held a walk in support of food allergy awareness on Sunday, October 25th, at the Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood. FARE’s purpose is to educate people of life-threatening allergies and how to appropriately handle them. The organization also supports research that may develop a cure or preventative  measures for such allergies in the future.

FARE asked many people, including students of Bergen Tech, to join them in their efforts by  becoming a part of this walk. They reached out to BT Student Council, who planned the entire event. Student Council kept the students informed of the event and helped   FARE raise more than $8,500.

Although this walk was to support many people dealing with life-threatening allergies every day, there was a deeper reason our school became so involved. Last year one of our own students passed away due to a severe allergy attack. His name was Virtyt Kelmendi, and he meant so much to his friends, family, and teachers. He left a tremendous impact on the school and in our hearts.

Together, we all walked in honor of Virtyt Kelmendi, naming our team 5K for VK. Student Council Students show the T-shirts made for 5K for VKA walk for Virtyt Kelmendieven made shirts, worn by nearly every student in attendance. Hopefully, all of these efforts will help develop a cure for allergies. And knowing our school has been a part of this progress is amazing. Virtyt  would  definitely  be  proud!



Author: Nicole Iannaci


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