A Quick Minute With: Mr. LoGiudice


Mr. LoGiudice

First of all, how are you finding BT?

I’m really enjoying BT so far. It’s definitely different from the other schools I’ve worked for, but I really like the students and faculty here.

What’s the most interesting thing that has happened so far?

I’ve gotten involved in Drama Club, which is new for me. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year with the club members.

Tea or coffee?

I don’t really drink either, because I don’t want to have to rely on them to wake up in the morning. If I had to choose, I’d choose tea.

If you can have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would you choose?

I would probably have dinner with the singer Morrissey, though with some trepidation. They say you should never meet your idols, because you’ll always be let down, but I’d be willing to take that risk.

If you can create a holiday of your own, what would it be?

I would create “Funday” where everyone would have a day off of work and school just like how it is on the show Doug.

Finally, is your 9th period US History class as amazing as it seems?

Indeed it is. If all of my classes were like that one, my life would be a lot easier.


Author: Aileen Zhang

Photo: Chris Stone


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