BT Welcomes COSTCO!

Following the grand opening of Walmart in April, Costco opens its doors at the Teterboro Landing development. The warehouse giant replaces its Hackensack location, which closed on October 13th. Unconfirmed sources also suggest that Costco’s second intention is to improve the lives of BT students, who will now see more than just an airport when looking out of the glass hallway. The Teterboro Costco will expand its inventory to include the same products and services, but they will be even better!

Costco also hopes to address the problem of  overcrowding experienced at Hackensack. The warehouse is extremely busy, particularly on weekends, and the Hackensack Costco was not large enough to hold as many people. In contrast to the previous 124,000 square feet of space, the new location now boasts 148,000 square feet. The expansion will hopefully solve the previous issue of the lack of certain products. The ultimate goal of the relocation is to make shopping as convenient and as pleasurable as possible.

Though it has been relocated and closed to the public, the Hackensack Costco will become a Business Center, serving mainly  small, local businesses. Services dealing directly with consumers, like the food court and apparel sections, will no longer be offered. Instead, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and varied professional items will be well stocked. Additionally, most sales will be delivered directly to businesses.

So what is next for Teterboro Landing? Plans are underway for a “restaurant row” featuring eateries like  Panera  Bread,  Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, WingStop, and more. Small retail stores are also expected to open their doors at the new shopping plaza by mid-late 2016. So keep a lookout for the new and improved Teterboro Costco!


Author: Saira Reyes


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