The Happiness Column: Senior Special

Hello senior friends! In the last few months, how many times have you panicked? How many times have you questioned your life choices? I’m sure a few of you, like me, know exactly what you want your life to look like down to what you want to serve at your retirement party (cream puffs, anyone?). Suddenly, you’re rethinking every decision you’ve ever made. Perhaps you will be a nomad and not go to college. Or maybe in the midst of a panic session, you decide to move to Alaska and become a professional maraca player. I’m sure many of you have had concocted some silly ideas in your imagination, but really we’re all just stressed out beyond belief. After looking through the lists of dream colleges and then looking at their requirements, and ultimately their price tag, we all have reason to freak out. So, I thought it might be useful to tell you about what gets me through these panic sessions.

If you asked me about this kind of thing a year ago, I would have told you to keep a firm grip on what you want to achieve, keep your goals in mind, and believe that it will all come together. At this point in the year, I think that I can speak for most seniors when I say that many of us no longer have any idea what we want to do with our lives. (We don’t even know where we want to go for lunch on half days!) So when you are filling out an application, writing an essay, or just having your regularly scheduled stress naps, remember these three things:

  1. You’re not the first. Many have gone before you and survived. In fact, a new batch of people go through the same thing every  year.  Eventually  you’ll  find your place. You’ll choose the right major and discover your passion
  2. Allow yourself to procrastinate stress. I know, there are way too many things to worry about right now. It sounds funny, but you don’t have to worry about all of them at once. Worry about one thing at a time. When you’re writing a supplemental essay, worry about the essay. That’s that. You can’t solve any problems if you’re mind is just one big mess. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, instead take one bite at a time.
  3. Reward  yourself!  Have  an  ice cream  cone,  eat  that  Nutella! Watch a movie (in a real movie theater!).  Take  a  nap!  You’re worth  it  and  you  deserve  it!


Author: Carolina Manco



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