Fed: Interest Rate Timing

A number of economists are suggesting an imminent increase in interest rates by the end of this year, and investors are worried. Since the Great Recession, the Federal Re-serve brought down interest rates to nearly zero to encourage healthy investment in the economy. As the markets, along with the economy, improved, the Fed began to consider raising interest rates. Higher interest rates is the true … Continue reading Fed: Interest Rate Timing

Banning Niqabs a Feminist Movement? Try Again.

On September 24, 2015, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper publicly voiced his support of the banning of the niqab, stating that he “will never tell [his] young daughter that a woman should cover her face.” He also said that he would seek to “forbid public servants from wearing a niqab,” an Islamic garment worn by women to veil their faces. It is  important to … Continue reading Banning Niqabs a Feminist Movement? Try Again.

Wonders of the Ancient World

Civilizations throughout time have created epic constructions some of which have gone down in history as wonders of the ancient world.   The only ancient wonder standing today are the Pyramids of Giza. Built between 2700 BC. and 2500 BCE, the wonder is composed of three pyramids: Khufu, Chopra, and Menkaura, the first of which is the largest at 13 acres. Amazingly, Khufu reigned as … Continue reading Wonders of the Ancient World