2016 Broadway Night: “Heard in the Halls”

While Broadway Night is always something to look forward to, this year’s “Heard in the Halls” was really something to see. In the past years, the show did not have a certain plot or a theme. However, this year, Broadway Night was centered around the daily lives of high school students, from the apprehension of freshmen year to the disenchantment of senior year. Not to mention, the drama, friendships, and loads of homework! The audience tapped their feet to the songs of over ten musicals, such as Heathers, Hairspray, Matilda, and Cats.Vqff7XllcH2xd1lX5d9QU1dCdGImp14EJjsTxkRTEEvr2UPh8WU3Kx_gzU7BEte2LpA1ZU-adwyLatKsbAfhF0D_l01Zfi5hd1RwO4JXukWkVCnD9fvKMcJK1h1uLq44SmGK3Ajj.jpg

In one scene, featuring “School Song” from 
, the upperclassmen crew all wore black bandannas and danced military style in front of the freshmen crew, intimidating them with the glum reality of school life. The show concluded with the song “A Little More Homework” from the musical Thirteen, leaving the audience with the message that we still have more homework to finish, even after the show.

I hope this show gave the adult audience the opportunity to reminisce their former school days, and serve as a reminder that it isn’t always easy being us. As for the student audience, from all accounts, they cried, they laughed, and had an all around great time!

As a member of the Broadway Night crew, it was amazing to compare our performance from the first day of rehearsal to the last. And here’s why: the collaboration and effort of every single member, meetings outside of school, and practice, practice, practice! More importantly, music director Juliana Duenas, stage manager Sabrina Davis, and costume Cov2pu7rQLk-y5KupJAKypkjAFsmur0xTVT7ts_JC0dZijPzfwCB7tnX08goua0SvVSBuy1U3NHB6nRMlgpyUeuG-GGySmtRtB97F0wCcoe6oTWsxZGO_57xi04vrjigMGal6-G4.jpgdesign/co-director Kristina Ultimo effectively led and united us. We cannot forget to thank Mr. Pfaff and the two awesome musicians, Scott Foley and Alec Shantzis.

The only thing missing from Broadway Night…was you! Don’t miss it next year!

Atuhor: Ally Kim



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