Cultural Night

On March 18th, multiple groups gathered to bring fabulous performances to Cultural Night. This memorable  night consisted of a potluck of tasty dishes and snacks followed by exciting performances at the gym. Defined Movement opened the night with a Hip-hop dance. They were followed by the Irish, Korean, Sri Lankan, Hispanic, Indian, and Filipino groups, who dazzled the audience with their dances, exhibiting pride for their cultures. The audience cheered, laughed, and had an all-around awesome time.

The Senior International group closed the night by dancing to a playlist of various songs from previous Cultural Nights. They invited the performers from different groups to come out and dance along. Soon, there was a huge group in the middle of the gym, dancing and enjoying as they recalled their old dances. It was a beautiful sight to witness.

All the cultural groups dedicated their time for three solid months to choreograph and practice their dances. Some groups even met on weekends to showcase their best moves on Cultural Night.

Bergen Tech’s Cultural Nights are an amazing way to show everyone our culturally diverse community and experience our performers’ enthusiasm and pride for their countries. Can’t wait for the next one!


Author: Soojin Ahn

Photographer: Chris Stone


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