Volleyball. BT. Need I say more?

On March 1, the student government for the Class of 2017 held BT’s first ever volleyball tournament. As part of Team Peppa Pig, my experience was rather enjoyable.

At 2:55 PM, the hallway in front of the gym was already crowded with eager and anxious high schoolers. Before the first games, the tension in the air was tangible as teams sized each other up. The teams had surprisingly imaginative names such as the Volley Lama’s and Make Volleyball Great Again. As the first round began, the sounds of the players and the passionate spectators was deafening. All teams displayed tremendous teamwork and skill. There was bumping… and setting…and diving… and dodging. Nonetheless,  “Make Volleyball Great Again” unexpectedly came out on top after beating the favorite-to-win team comprised of actual volleyball players.

I also had the great privilege of interviewing the Class of 2017’s treasurer, Avi Kupperman, to find out his take on the tournament.

Did you have fun at the tournament?

Avi: Yeah I did. My team, “Who Poisoned the Lemonade?”, made it to the third round.

What do you think of the administration changing the names of some of the teams?

Avi: My team name was originally not “Who Poisoned the Lemonade?” but we had to change our former name because it was deemed inappropriate.

What was the atmosphere?

Avi: Very intense. There were some verbal spouts.

What did you think about the referee scandal, ref-gate?

Avi: I think we needed more experienced referees. I do not think they were the most attentive and they missed some important calls.

Did you see the last game?

Avi: Yeah, it was a big upset. Everyone thought the volleyball team with all the varsity and JV players would take the “W”  but… they took the “L”.

Would you consider the tournament a success?

Avi: Yes, we raised a lot of money for the junior class–several hundred dollars.

What is the Class of 2017’s fundraising goal?

Avi: A lot. We already have the most of any class ever but why not get more?

Do you plan on doing the tournament again?

Avi: Yes, definitely. It was really popular and it really got kids involved from all the grades.

And there you have it! The buzz is that the next tournament will be even “setter”!


Author: Gabbie Accot


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