A Quick Minute with Ms. Guzman

Ms. Guzman

If my life were made into a movie, the title would be…

Sunshine & Blues

My favorite way of eating a cupcake (i.e. frosting first, sandwich, etc.)…

Eating the bottom first and leaving the top with the frosting for last.

If I weren’t a teacher, I would be…

A civil rights attorney

I’m a strong believer in…

Being true to yourself

My favorite childhood cartoon was…


My most embarrassing moment was…

Opening the door of a stranger’s car at carpool thinking it was my father’s car

If I had to choose my last meal on earth, it would be…

Mangu con cebolla y queso frito

Ice cream or froyo?

Ice cream..duh

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?


What I love most about BT is…

The students. Y’all motivate and encourage me every day. Y’all are a constant reminder of why I love teaching and chose this profession.


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