Open House: Interviews with Prospective Students

The first Bergen Tech – Teterboro Open House was held on Wednesday, October 5th, and I had the opportunity to interview some of the prospective students on what they thought about the school.

Name: Alvaro

Town: Garfield

Favorite Movie: The Maze Runner

Favorite Subject: History

Why BT?: What interests me about Bergen Tech are the many opportunities that are offered to students. The technical classes are also a big plus.

Favorite Major: Aerospace Engineering


Name: Mariam

Town: Carlstadt

Favorite Movie: Interstellar

Favorite Subject: Science

Why BT?: I’m interested in Bergen Tech because of the high standards, sports, and classes it offers.

Favorite Major: Aerospace Engineering


Name: Eric

Town: Cliffside Park

Favorite Movie: Rush Hour

Favorite Subject: Math

Why BT?: Bergen Tech is one of the top ranking schools in the country.

Favorite Major: Culinology or Digital Media


Name: Adnan

Town: Carlstadt

Favorite Movie: Space Jam

Favorite Subject: Math

Why BT?: Bergen Tech is such a nice school and I am very interested in the different majors.

Favorite Major: Digital Media

Good luck to all of the applicants!

Author: Brandon Greenaway


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