Overheard in BT

“You look like an angry teletubbie!”


“We’re blasting. You don’t understand because you don’t know how to blast.”

blast off?.gif

“I knew you were a staphylococcus aureus!”

“Willy Nilly? More like William Nilliam.”


“I really want to bite something.”

“I hope we’re in the gym. I can’t take more than 15 minutes of cardio.”

“I need more chem jokes!”

chem joke.jpg

“This is an open note quiz!” “Darn it.”

“I drank 40% of my daily sodium in the past 10 minutes.”
super salty.jpg

“I think you need to work on your presentation fonts.”

“Why are you applying?” “IDK, because my mom told me to.”


Have you overheard anything in BT? Comment below for a chance to be featured in the next edition!

Author: Jenett Cheng


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