Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club seeks to further interest in not only chemistry but all sciences. Our main goal is to serve society through STEM. The ‘new-and-improved’ Chemistry Club opened its doors in Fall 2015 and, since then, it has achieved a lot:

  • American Chemistry Society Club and Teens Going Green Chapter
  • National Chemistry Week: providing students with extra credit, free shirts, and knowledge of chemistry’s applications in real life
  • Recycling Project: saving the world one load of paper recyclables at a time
  • Poster Competitions: extra credit in exchange for a poster about an inspiring scientist
  • Science Heroes: teaching middle schoolers how to conduct scientific research
  • Chemistry tutoring and Chemistry Olympiad studying
  • Research: building a phone charger from the heat of your hand

Though our club is not as well-known as others, our activities have impacted every BT student. Our small size gives members the freedom to take on their own initiatives. Additionally, we are not a fundraising club; we directly impact our community through student-made and implemented projects, like Science Heroes and National Chemistry Week.

Join Chemistry Club next year! We are looking for dedicated members who are creative and responsible. Please join our club if you would like to make a difference in your community through STEM!

pasted image 0
People (from left to right): Jenett Cheng, Gabbie Acot, Saira Reyes, Theresa Ciraolo



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