Dear Rising Juniors & Seniors

Dear Rising Juniors & Seniors,

Imagine it is March 2018. You have received your college admissions decisions, and although the results may vary, one thing is for sure: you feel relieved. You can wake up in the morning without worrying about the typo you found in your Common App essay. Breath in the fresh air, binge watch all of the Grey’s Anatomy you missed; you are free from college worries!

I want to say, “Don’t stress out. It will be okay.” I want to say, “It doesn’t matter where you go to college. Make lemonade out of lemons.” However, I remember when my mom, friends, and teachers shared those words of wisdom with me, my reaction was, ‘Sure, that sounds logical, but I just can’t feel that way right now.’

It sucks, but stress is the name of the college admissions game. You have to deal with it to survive the process. So here are some tips and tricks from other seniors and me to lessen college-related stress:

1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Though many students are upset that they can’t see their GPA on Powerschool anymore, there was a point to it being removed. BT students constantly compare themselves to their peers, in terms of GPA, SAT scores, and extracurriculars. You will never be satisfied if you strive to be like someone else.

2. Don’t overload yourself. Have some fun!

Go out with your friends. Walk your dog. Do something for someone else. Your life does not and should not stop for college application.

3. Take care of yourself.

Drink water, eat food, exercise, SLEEP. Don’t destroy your health by working on applications or homework until 3:00 AM everyday.

4. Be organized.

Split a big goal into small steps. List everything you have to do that day. Start assignments and applications early– don’t procrastinate!

5. Be genuine.

The college process is an introspective process. You will remember random stories and find hidden traits. ‘Find yourself’ and find the school that would fit you– not the other way around.

Good luck! Wherever you end up will be where you were meant to be.

Author: Gabbie Acot


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