A Glimpse into the Sports World

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On November 9th a numerous amount of compelling events occurred in the sports world. In the NBA, the dominant Houston Rockets faced the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers as they look to turn their season around. Meanwhile, the 5-6 Lakers played the 5-5 Washington Wizards. This meant that John Wall vs Lonzo Ball Part 2 would occur. This “battle” between the two point guards exists because Lavar Ball (Lonzo’s father) said that the, “Wizards better beware cause Lonzo ain’t losing again”, to which Wall responded with, “nah, no mercy”. The first part of the battle between the two on the court favored Lonzo as the Lakers won 102-99 in overtime. Part 2 should be extremely interesting, considering that the Wizards lost the first game.

On the other hand, in the NFL, Ezekiel Elliott’s 6 game suspension will be effective immediately, as he will be sitting on the sidelines for the Cowboys until December 24th. This will be a big blow to the Cowboys, due to the fact that he has played a big role for them, as he rushed for 783 yards and seven touchdowns in eight games for Jerry Jones’s squad. Also, the Seahawks played the Cardinals as the Seahawks were likely to be playing without 2 vital factors of their defense or the Legion of Boom. Those players were RIchard Sherman, who was doubtful with an achilles injury and Earl Thomas who was questionable with a hamstring injury.

Here are the results and the effects of each game:


  1. Houston Rockets vs Cleveland Cavaliers:

The Rockets slightly outlasted the Cavs without Chris Paul (knee) as they won 117-113 behind James Harden’s outstanding performance. He had a triple-double with 35 points, 11 boards (rebounds), 13 assists, and 5 steals. However, he did depict some fatigue in the fourth quarter as he was 1 of 8 from the field missing his final 6 shots. The significance of the win was that the Rockets were tied for first place in the western conference with a 9-3 record. This is extremely impressive because this happened all without Chris Paul, who will be a vital factor in the Rocket’s season. On the other hand, this is another loss for the Cavs which is a bad sign, even though Lebron put up 33 points. This loss means that the Cavs overall just need to improve their record as quick as possible. This could happen if they improve their rebounding and defense as a whole. To conclude, this was an extremely important game for both teams.

  1. Washington Wizards vs Los Angeles Lakers/ John Wall vs Lonzo Ball Part 2

The Wizards comfortably beat the Lakers 111-95 as John Wall and Bradley Beal respectively scored 23 and 22 points. This could be the start of a turnaround for the Wizards, as the are just above .500 with a 6-5 record. Obviously, John Wall won part 2 of the battle, as Lonzo performed poorly in terms of shooting, which Lonzo has been doing for a few games now. He only scored 6 points shooting 3-12 from the field. What’s wrong with Lonzo? Is it his awkward form of shooting? Is he just a flat-out bust, or is he still transitioning from UCLA to the NBA? He better pick up his game quickly, or he will be one of the biggest busts of all-time.


  1. Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 22-16 in an overall competitive game. Both quarterbacks performed extremely solid for their teams. Russell Wilson threw 2 touchdowns and 238 yards for Seattle. Meanwhile, Drew Stanton threw for 273 yards and a touchdown for the Cardinals. Following the game, the Seahawks improved to 6-3 which is a pretty good record. However, Richard Sherman who did play for the Seahawks suffered a ruptured achilles and is out for the big season. In a normal season, this would be a big blow for the Seahawks, but the whole Legion of Boom is injured. Because of that, Sherman’s injury won’t have as big of an impact as it should have. On the other hand, the Cardinals fell below .500 to a 4-5 record. This shouldn’t be a big surprise because Carson Palmer, the Cardinals true started is injured (arm). If the Cardinals turn their season around without Palmer, that shouldn’t be surprising either, because Drew Stanton is a very solid backup quarterback.


Overall, these are big sporting events that occurred on November 9th, 2017. Stay tuned for more sports information!

Author: Sebastian Smith


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