Breakfast in BT

The cafeteria makes all different types of food and one dish that catches my attention is the breakfast served for lunch. I labeled it the “breakfast platter.” It has large amounts of food and a variety of foods. There were sausage patties, pancakes, eggs, bacon, tater tots, what seemed to be a salad, and apples covered in sugar and cinnamon. I chose to skip the eggs because of personal preference, but feel free to get them. The food was overall pretty good. Now, let’s get into the specifics.

Sausage: The sausage patties were roughly the size of a fist if it were flat and circular. It was cooked thoroughly and a bit chewy. However the sausage itself had a really good amount of flavor and even a little kick of spicy in the aftertaste.

Pancakes: The pancakes were a tad bit larger than the sausage patties and had a fairly plain taste. There really wasn’t much to them and they needed a bit of flavor. Maple syrup that was provided definitely helped improve the taste.

Bacon: The bacon was fairly small, about the size of a pen. I definitely had my suspicions but it did taste like real bacon. However some pieces were crunchy and some pieces were chewy. This created quite an interesting consistency.

Tater Tots: Fries and potatoes of any kind are quite delicious and these proved to be no less. The tater tots had a hard crunch on the outside followed by a soft mushy inside. They were a little salty but I wouldn’t pass them up.

Salad: The salad was filled with a variety of things. Some of the things I was able to identify were zucchini and spinach. It had a kick to it that I wasn’t expecting and was shockingly spicy. It was very flavorful and had something different in each bite. I, for one, appreciated it.

Apples: These apples were extremely good. They looked solid but melted in your mouth and tasted like apple sauce. It had a mix of apple flavor, with some sugar and cinnamon. No flavors overpowered each other and it seemed to have quite a blend.

Overall this meal was a seven out of ten. It had lots of good things about it, including the extremely flavorful salad, tater tots, sausage, and apples. However, about a quarter of the meal wasn’t quite there yet. The pancakes needed a little flavor and the bacon needed more balance in taste. But the amazing tater tots, sugary apples, the surprisingly flavorful salad, and the spicy sausage made the meal all the better!



This is cafeteria food and the cafeteria workers made the food as best as they can with the supplies given. The food may not be the best but it’s not their fault.

With the fact that a high schooler is judging the food, the critiques may not be superb or accurate.

Author: Jake Caceres


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