Show Reviews: Stranger Things 2

Warning: There may be spoilers, so if you have not yet watched or finished all of it, you may be spoiled.

Season 2 of Stranger Things was more than expected. It was thrilling, suspenseful and nothing short of amazing. Last season ended with Will being recently retrieved from the Upside Down, Eleven being sucked into the Upside Down, and Hopper leaving a pack of Eggos in a bin in the woods. This season picked up about a year after the last season ended. Before we got to see what last season’s characters had been up to, we were introduced to a new character who might be the same person as Eleven, Kali. We saw her and a group of other teens escaping in a van and when the police were about to catch up to them, she made them believe as if the tunnel they had just entered had collapsed, making them crash into each other. This was a great surprise to viewers, because up until this point they hadn’t seen anything or anyone like Eleven. This foreshadows what is to come in the later episodes. We later got to see the lives of the other characters and how they had been since the last season. Since Will came back from the Upside Down, he had been having what they call “episodes” – glimpses of the Upside Down, which ended up terrorizing him and enveloping him in fear. Throughout the duration of the series we were introduced to new characters such as Billy, Max, Bob, and Kali. This addition of new characters provided a different dynamic to Stranger Things. Last season, the boys mostly kept within their small friend group and didn’t really want an addition to their “party” which explains why they were so reluctant to add Eleven. This season, they befriended a girl named Max and there were some tensions. Mike wasn’t overly forthcoming to the idea of Max entering their group since the last time there was an addition, she was taken from him. Therefore, he may have felt as though Dustin and Lucas were replacing Eleven.

This storyline was very interesting because we were introduced to a different side of Mike. It had been a year since he had last seen Eleven and he kind of felt left out and alone. He no longer had anyone to impress or to even teach and he felt out of place and without purpose. This is why he felt such a strong connection to Will. Ever since Will returned from the Upside Down, he hadn’t been the same, and Mike took up this role of a big brother and therefore wants to protect Will. Will ends up being consumed and controlled by the shadow monster which infected him while in the Upside Down. Its main goal was to kill and take over the whole human race. Eleven then came into the picture by being their savior in their time of need. This whole year she was being hidden away in the woods by Hopper and we got to see the unfolding of this new relationship. The creators took two very strong personalities and put them together which was very engaging to see how their relationship unfolded. Last season we are told that Hopper had a daughter, Sarah, who died and with the creation of this new make-shift father daughter relationship between Hopper and Eleven, we were shown another side to both of them; a more caring side to Hopper and a more rebellious side to Eleven. This season we saw a darker side to Eleven and are shown different aspects of her past which explain who she is today.

*No spoilers beyond this point*

Overall, this season was a tear-jerking, emotional rollercoaster. You never know what to expect and cannot possibly predict what’s gonna happen next. We got to see a different side to all the characters and develop new opinions on past characters. To conclude, I would rate my Stranger Things experience an 11/10, pun intended. If you are like me and enjoy binge watching shows, then this is a series for you. I personally watched the show in a duration of a night. Stranger Things is the type of show where you can’t just pause and continue the next day. The angst and the distress will eat at you if you do not continue watching. So, the next time that you are feeling bored or just want to start a new show, you should consider giving Stranger Things a try.

Author: April Santana


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