New Years Day Resolutions and How to Maybe Stick to Them

– “This is going to be my year.”

– “I’m going to start dieting.”

– “I’m not going to curse anymore.”

– “I’m getting over him.”

And probably the worst one, “New year, new me.”

Yep, it’s that season again: where we inflate our hopes and dreams, letting ourselves believe that we actually may change.

Well, what if this was actually possible? Here’s a list of ways you can stick to your New Year’s Day resolutions.

  1. Tell all of your friends about it. A few months ago my friend told me she was going to be a vegetarian for a month and I didn’t believe she could make it. She told all of her friends about it (we talked about it everyday on the bus) and she lasted for a month and a half. Your friends will support you and make sure you follow through on your promises. Regardless, you will now have a duty and a  reputation to uphold in your clique!
  2. Get your best friend into it, especially if your best friend is ambitious or has the same goal as you. If you want to get fit by running a few miles every week, make a training plan with your best friend and promise to force each other to stick by it. Including social interactions in difficult goals may actually make them easier to accomplish!
  3. Start small. Everyone thinks this is kind of obvious, but it is important. Starting small and building up to your main goal is key You’ll become used to the pattern in the long run!
  4. Don’t try to change too many things at the same time. Focus on making one drastic change at a time rather than a few little ones. This concentrates your mind on goals that matter most.
  5. Track your progress. If you ever feel like you’re not accomplishing anything, you can look back at how far you’ve come. Make a chart, download an app, write down your goals. Whatever the method — stick to it!

At least you tried lol

Author: Darya Molotkova



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