Stop Apologizing

Ever apologize after having someone bump into you? Ever say sorry for something that WASN’T your fault? Read about the critical issue here! Continue reading Stop Apologizing


Breakfast in BT

The cafeteria makes all different types of food and one dish that catches my attention is the breakfast served for lunch. I labeled it the “breakfast platter.” It has large amounts of food and a variety of foods. There were sausage patties, pancakes, eggs, bacon, tater tots, what seemed to be a salad, and apples covered in sugar and cinnamon. I chose to skip the … Continue reading Breakfast in BT

Making The Most of 9th Grade Year: Top Tips

Leaving one’s home district and transitioning into a new school, with new teachers, new classes, and new people, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. To help, staff writer Isabelle Mazgaj has outlined a couple of tips to help you become accustomed to the unique life as a student at Bergen Tech, and how to make the most of everything Bergen Tech has to offer. Enjoy! Continue reading Making The Most of 9th Grade Year: Top Tips