Would you like to submit to Knights’ News?

  1. Upload your file to Google Docs
  2. Put it in a folder and titled with “Submission: [Name] [Graduating Class]”, only attach “-[Topic]” if all files are for the same topic. (ex. Submission: John Smith 18 – Life Badges)
  3. Title your file with your unique article/picture to title, or the name of the topic if you don’t have one.
  4. Share your folder with and make sure we have permission to edit the document.

Remember:  Make sure you have permission from the original source and/or give credit to the original producers before you submit anything to us.

Article Submission Format:

  • At the top left corner of the page, put the title of the article, this could be the title of your unique article or the name of the topic you are submitting to if you don’t have one.
  • Below that, write your name, graduating class, and major.
  • Below that, if you have a certain source for your article (like it is a scientific article with information taken from an online webpage on National Geographic, please put “Source: [link to page]”
  • Below that you may insert your article content.
  • Pictures can be attached in-line to show your preferred formatting, but all pictures must be submitted with “[Title] – [Source]” (ex. Pyramids – John Smith) in the folder along with your submission.
    • If it is clip art from Google, attach the link to the image on the bottom of the page.
    • If you cannot find a source, in some cases that is understandable, but we really want to provide all unique work with credits to the photographer and/or artist.

Picture Submission Format:

  • Pictures should be submitted with “[Title] – [Name]”. Your title may just be the name of the topic of you don’t have a title. (ex. Sunny Days – John Smith)
  • Picture explanations (either requested by topic or if you feel that one is required)  or any notes to us about the picture can be attached in the folder as well. Please refer to the article submission format with “Picture Explanation/Notes” as the title.